• There shall be four categories of members Viz Corporate, Ordinary, Affiliate and Honorary

      • Corporate Member:
        Any Food processing Industry is eligible to become a member of the Federation on payment of prescribed subscription. The Food Parks, Large companies with Annual turnover of Rs. 50 Cr and above are eligible to become corporate members.

      • Associate/Ordinary Member:
        All other Food Processing companies with annual turnover of less than Rs.50 Cr and any individual who has interest/passion/plans to set up Food process unit is eligible to become associate member.

      • Affiliate Member:
        Any association, corporation, Research and Educational institutions, Society etc whose objects are similar to those of APFPIF to promote and support the Food processing Industry, are eligible to become Affiliate members.

      • Honorary Member:
        Persons distinguished in Public Service, Finance, and Scientific research who are interested in the aims and objectives of APFPIF may be admitted/invited as honorary members by the Executive Committee by majority vote who shall have all the privileges of members except the right to vote and shall be exempt from payment of any subscription fees to APFPIF.

      • Membership

        Applications for membership shall be in writing or digital, on forms provided for that purpose, and shall be signed by the applicant. An applicant shall be accepted for membership upon review and approval of the application by the Membership Committee subject to the provisions of Manual of Procedure on Membership. Any applicant so accepted shall become a member upon payment of all membership subscription and other fees then due.

      • Subscriptions

        Membership Admission Fee and Annual Subscriptions shall be at such rate or rates, schedule or formula, terms and conditions as may, from time to time, be prescribed by the EC and shall be payable in advance subject to the provisions of “Manual of Procedure on Membership”.